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Scott Guillot

My name is Scott Guillot and I am the owner and founder of MaKenady Construction Services Inc. that was established in 2012. This company is named after my daughter Makena and my son Kenady. These names stand for commitment, reliability and a trust that is continuously building on our customer's peace of mind.


  • Managing and completing construction projects up to $2.5 million dollars.

  • Over 35 years of experience as a general carpenter, project manager and site supervisor. 

  • Certified General Carpenter through the Ministry of Trades, Colleges and Universities and completed one year

         of Civil Engineering in College along with business management credentials from the Ontario Self
         Employment Board.

  • Attained 5 years of notable construction management experience while managing all civil and commercial

         construction projects for Comstock Canada at the Pickering Nuclear Plant from 2000 - 2005. Through my
         managing skills, I was responsible for estimating, budgeting, supervising and co-ordinating multiple million-
        dollar projects such as oil containment separator units, interior office finishes including those at the executive
        level and door packages.

  • Trained in the construction industry at a young age by seasoned skilled managers and workers that started in

        1988. Acquiring the experience as a worker and a supervisor to complete all aspects of construction in the
         residential and ICI construction industry. From the ground up, construction projects were completed for such
        clients as Covanta Durham Energy Waste Facility, St. Michaels College, Veridian Connections, Home Depot,
        Sportchek, Canadian Tire, Sears, Manulife, Loblaws, Loebs, Sudbury Hospital, Cadillac Fairview,

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