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Basement Renovation

Trusted Basement Renovation Expert Committed To Daily Work Production 
From Project Start To Project Finish

Basement Construction Renovation

MaKenady Construction Services Inc. is your best choice to hire a trusted basement renovation expert as your highly rated general contractor with a commitment to daily work production from project start to project. A Basement Renovation is one of the most cost effective construction projects you can complete in your home. Hiring an experienced general contractor that specializes in basement renovations provides customers with a continuous piece of mind from project start to project finish while providing a high level of quality workmanship and attention to detail. A basement renovation not only adds value to your home, but it provides additional living space. When considering the type of basement renovation you are looking to complete, you must consider the purpose of it's function. From a standard recreational room, to adding a bedroom or to creating a rental unit, each style increases in cost based on current age & configuration of the home, finish detail and square footage. A recreational room can cost $50-$80 per square foot. Adding a bedroom to a basement renovation can cost $80 - $100 per square foot. And a rental unit can cost $100 - $120 per square foot.  There are many steps and procedures to accomplishing a successful basement renovation, and selecting MaKenady Construction Services Inc as your trusted basement renovation expert will guarantee amazing results that you will enjoy for many years to come.  Patience, understanding, co-ordination, planning & execution are quality attributes that MaKenady Construction Services Inc. delivers at all stages of your basement renovation.  

This was a basement renovation by MaKenady Construction Services Inc. completed in 2019 in Ajax. We also complete basement renovations for all the Durham Region including Pickering, Whitby & Oshawa. This renovation was completed at $100.00 per square foot.

 Scope of work as follows:

  1. Architectural & Mechanical Drawings

  2. Re-locate existing furnace and hot water tank

  3. Frame walls

  4. Install new rough in plumbing for washroom

  5. Install rough electrical for lights and kitchenette

  6. Install new rough in HVAC

  7. Insulate walls and ceiling

  8. Drywall and tape new walls and ceiling

  9. Paint walls and ceiling

  10. Install new gas fireplace

  11. Install new doors 

  12. Install new carpet flooring

  13. Install baseboard and casing

  14. Install built in cabinets, wall units and murphy door

  15. Install finish plumbing and electrical

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